Why Solution Focused Therapy

So what's different about SFT?

SFT is a question based therapy which focuses on exploring and unpacking descriptions of your life which contain the possibilities of the changes you desire and your future hopes.

In doing so, forgotten strengths and resources, and strategies for positive change, can be uncovered that will begin to move you beyond the impact of the issues that are causing you problems.

Whether you are a couple or individual, someone struggling with relationship or family difficulties, or mental health challenges, living with a disability, or providing care for someone you love, you will have a conversation that shines a light on answers and possibilities that will work uniquely for you and your relationships.

You will be working with a therapeutic approach that is based on years of research to discover what actually works to create positive life changes for individuals, couples and families.

As a practitioner, using this approach has significantly helped me with the process of creating the kind of positive change that many are seeking in their relationships and in their lives.

Clients have gone from feeling despair, frustration, even suicidal, overwhelmed with grief and loss, or dealing with debilitating fears or unhelpful habits that are limiting their lives, towards outcomes that they could never conceive as possible, given how they were feeling and the challenges they were dealing with at the time.

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