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If you battle with anxiety, you will already know that it can be a debilitating and overwhelming experience. From a constant feeling of nervousness and awkwardness, to an overwhelming panic and the need to escape or avoid at all costs, an encounter with anxiety is not something that any one experiences by choice. It can overwhelm the senses, whilst causing time to feel like it is standing still. It is the threat response kicking in trying to keep you safe, usually when its inappropriate and at unnecessary times.

There are a number of underlying causes for this occurring. Sometimes, it is the result of a physical illness such as hyperthyroid disorder. Sometimes, it can be due to hormonal changes, for example during perimenopause and menopause. Withdrawal and overuse or misuse of some drugs, including alcohol, can exacerbate anxiety. Then there is the overwhelming anxiety that some people battle with every day. Sometimes this is as a result of having experienced trauma; not always are these experiences recalled, so you may not know why you feel or react the way you do. Then there is anxiety that is the result of learned neurological patterns and behaviour that can keep a person set on over-alert. This can be rooted in a tendency to experience emotions strongly, in the case of BDP, or just an inherited disposition that are part of your family traits or their ways of responding to risk which you have learnt. Or perhaps you are trapped in a ongoing difficult and stressful situation and you don’t know how to escape, so your mind and body is set to threat and alert.

The reasons for experiencing anxiety are complex and numerous.

But, finding solutions doesn’t have to be that way.

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