Individual counselling session: 

 $80.00 per hour

Couple counselling session:

$100.00 per hour

90 minute session - $130.00

Family/Group counselling Session:

(Children included in session must be 11 years and over)

A parent & child/adolescent family session: $100.00 per hour

Group family session (3 to 6 family members): $130.00 per hour

90 minute session - $160.00

Please note:  For Couple/Group Family sessions bookings, a 90 minute session for the first one or two sessions allows for the time necessary to create better outcomes sooner and is recommended to allow all participants time to engage in the counselling process.

Concession counselling:

Individuals $50.00 per hour

Couples/Parent & Child $70.00 per hour / $100.00 hour and half

Family/Groups $90.00 per hour/$130.00 hour and half

(current health care/pension card required)

e-counselling via Skype/Zoom is available

Health Insurance Rebates:

Registered counsellor with the Medibank Private, Bupa & Police Health Fund. The Doctors Health Fund will provide rebates for those on the Top Hospital or Top Extras Cover. Other health insurance providers may reimburse some costs - call your health insurance provider to confirm. Please note: Provider No. available only for the Medibank, Bupa, PHF and DHF.

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Feel free to call, text or email Debbie from Prospect Counselling to find out more about the cost of counselling or to make an appointment. I would love to hear from you.