Below are a few comments that clients have provided on their feedback forms here and there…

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“I truly value the professional and caring friendship we have established together. Knowing I have the next appointment in place keeps me on track when my day/days are not going so well,”

"I am very grateful for the counsellor I had, I am now in a place where I can move to a positive future. Thank you."

"I have had a great experience seeing Debbie. I would recommend her to anyone. The communication and support has been great."

"After only two sessions, we are doing so well again."

"You will never realise Debbie how much you have changed our lives."

"I am very satisfied with the quality of the service I received from Debbie. Her understanding of my issues was excellent and I now have more coping strategies to deal with a very difficult experience."

"Very good at listening, very caring and easy to get along with. Genuine warmth."

"Debbie is a good listener and has a positive outlook which gave me inspiration and motivation. She is also quite experienced when it comes to most social issues. I feel as a result of our sessions together I can now cope with my situation. Thank you Debbie."

"Very easy to talk to, kind and friendly :)"

"The counsellor was excellent in the understanding of my issues. She helped me a lot! I finally got out of the dark hole I was in. I couldn't be happier."

"Debbie had the right experience and skills to help me and I felt very comfortable talking about past experiences."

" She has been a great help. I couldn't have made the changes I needed without her."

"She understood my situation and needs and helped me to understand a lot that I am no different to everybody else and just to try."

"I rate the level of the counsellor's understanding of my issues as excellent!"

“When I first started coming to see Debbie my problem was so overwhelming that I couldn't see a way was a 9 of 10. As a result of our sessions together, the problem is now a 3 out of 10, and I have become much more confident at work and in my social life. Thank you Debbie".