If you need help deciding whether to obtain a referral by your GP under the MHTP.

Here are some things to consider...

To access the Mental Health Treatment Plan…

Book a double appointment with your GP who will conduct a short assessment. This involves asking questions from a mental health questionnaire that can indicate whether you have a possible mental illness such as anxiety or depression. 

Bring the details with you of the psychologist you would like to see, and ensure they take clients referred under the MHTP, unless you don't have a preference.

Once you have obtained the MHTP referral from your GP, make an appointment with the psychologist on the MHTP referral.

Be prepared to pay for the cost up front. Medicare will reimburse you part of the cost two or three days after your counselling session.

If you and your psychologist agree that extra sessions would be helpful, organise another appointment with your GP for a review and another referral for 4 more subsidised sessions.

After that you will need to pay the full fee but can reapply again after 12 months for another MHTP. 

This may not be for you ….

  • If don't like or want to have to share your personal troubles and/or challenges with your GP first before seeing a counsellor.

  • If you would prefer not have a mental illness permanently recorded on your GP medical records to avoid, for example, the possibility of it interfering with future job prospects and obtaining health/income protection insurance.

  • If you can’t pay the full fee upfront for the cost of the session which often ranges between $120 to $240.00

  • If you can't afford the cost of the gap fee that Medicare will not cover. (Unless you can find someone who bulk bills, which is rare, there is usually still a cost involved despite being on the MHTP).

  • If you can't afford or don't want to pay the full cost of counselling sessions with the psychologist when the sessions available on MHTP run out. This fee is typically ranges from $120.00 to $240.00.

  • If you would like to see someone for counselling sooner rather than later. The process of getting an appointment with a psychologist via the MHTP can often take weeks, in some cases even months.

  • If you would like to try a different therapeutic approach than what is offered through the MHTP i.e. currently MHTP counsellors can only offer Cognitive Behaviour therapy and Motivational Therapy under the MHTP.

This may be for you ...

  • If you would like a clinical assessment or diagnosis for a mental health related issue. If so, you will need a referral to a clinical, not a general, psychologist.

Hope that has helped with your decision, feel free to call, text or email me to ask any further questions.

Please note: To see a counsellor at Prospect Counselling you do not need a Mental Health Treatment Plan, and we keep our prices comparable to those who are registered for provide counselling with the MHTP. We do not, however, provide a clinical assessment and diagnosis for a mental illness or disorders.