Are you living in a home, and in a relationship, where you can’t stand another moment of arguing and tension, and you feel like you’re never understood or heard? Or maybe you find some subjects too difficult to talk and work through, putting them in the too hard basket.

If so, this can be a very frustrating, exhausting, isolating, disappointing and even a very painful way to live.

To personally survive, many couples end up withdrawing from one another; the possibility of ever having a fulfilling relationship or marriage becoming bleaker as times goes on.

Yet, being together was once so special and brought you both so much happiness that it was worth the investment of your time and energy.

What if, despite the tensions, arguments, hurt and pain, you could recapture that again?

Would it then be worth the effort to begin to put your relationship back on the road to making things good again?

Getting help is hard, no one likes talking to a stranger. Yet seeing a professional, trained in helping you do this very thing, could be the first step to bringing back being happy again.

If you would like to find solutions that uniquely work for you as a couple, and recreate a happy and satisfying life at home and relationship again, or if you would just like to build an even better marriage or relationship...

Feel free to call, txt or email Debbie from Prospect Counselling to find out more marriage and couple counselling.  I would love to hear from you.