If you have been through a traumatic experience. or many traumatic experiences throughout your life, then you may have been left with a lasting and unwanted legacy of uncontrollable experiences and feelings that interfere with your ability to manage everyday life.

This unwanted legacy can range from sadness and unexpected crying; anxiety and fears; uncontrollable feelings of anger, even rage; low confidence and self-esteem; unwanted flashbacks where the incident is being lived in the here and now; feeling detached from your body; difficulty determining the passage of time; finding yourself somewhere and not knowing how you got there; to sleepless nights and nightmares.

Experiencing some, or all of this, can be very confusing. Understandably, it can create depression and despair. You may even wonder if they you are going mad and be frightened of the inevitable consequences.

Additionally, at the time of the trauma, you may have done things that are triggered by your inbuilt automatic survival system, so to add to the pain, you could also be left feeling guilty or ashamed.

Telling someone about these experiences can be very hard.

Yet, working with a therapist, who is trained in understanding and working with trauma, can be the first step towards recovery and taking back some control.

If you would like to begin this process of reclaiming your life from the impact of trauma...

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