Marriage: Are You Ready For This Next Big Step?

Marriage: Are You Ready For This Next Big Step?

Okay, so you’ve been together for a while now. Or maybe not.

Perhaps you’ve living together, perhaps not.

But, for whatever reason, you’re starting to think about the idea of getting married to that special somebody in your life.

It just seems the next right thing. A good next step for you both to be making….

Marriage Maintenance: Bring Back the Romance before it's too Late

Every year my husband and I, we go away for Valentine’s Day. To be honest, in our earlier days, we both use to think of Valentine’s day as commercial exploitation that we wouldn't have a bar of. But now, after 33 years of marriage, we have made it our own. Not by buying into the card, flower and gift buying. Not to say that you shouldn't. But by taking time out to get away together and because it's Valentines Day, it lends itself somehow to making it all a little more romantic.

But we didn’t always do so...

How to successfully Transition into Marriage: Before the Wedding

My beautiful eldest son is about to marry his adorable partner of several years. My husband and I are thrilled. She is an amazing, beautiful and talented young woman. She has already been part of our family circle for many years. They both started dating when they were both in their late teens. Living together for many years.

Yet, as happy as I am about their decision, it got me thinking… 

Part Two: Dealing with the Impact of Traumatic Experiences

A traumatic event can create ongoing physiological reactions that are beyond your immediate control.   

The desire for wanting everything to go back to normal, to just get on with achieving your goal and dreams and to avoid the pain of remembering, can stop you from giving yourself the necessary care and support that you need to heal. 

Consequently, you can end up stuck in the very cycle of torment and/or pain that you have been trying so desperately to avoid...

Are you Hurting: Part One - The Antidote to Psychological Pain

I’ve been thinking lately about what I really do as a counsellor and psychotherapist. Recently, I moved over into private practice. I need referrals from GP’s and other health service professionals to get things going. They need a clear understanding of my specialty. So, it has been necessary to come up with a concise explanation of the particular issues I can assist with.

After giving it quite a bit of thought, I came up with one explanation.

I help people deal with psychological pain ...