Hi, My name is Debbie Jones, and I am a registered, experienced and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist who runs Prospect Counselling. As you can tell from the photo's, I love the beach, even in the Winter. However, I live and work in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs; my consulting rooms located in Victoria, Australia, at Redefine Life, Boronia, and at the Fitzroy North Counselling Rooms. For those who can't make it to my consulting rooms, I also provide e-counselling via Skype/Zoom. For those on the NDIS who have mobility problems, I may be able to organise sessional rooms that have wheelchair access at your local community health centre.

I have a Bachelor of Counselling and Diploma in Community Work, and over 15 years experience as a counsellor, supporting families, couples and individuals who have gone through, or are going through, difficult times and challenges. I have worked in a variety of settings as a counsellor. This includes working in a crisis support services, on an employment assistance program, in a secondary school setting providing counselling for adolescents, parents and staff, at several employment agencies supporting those with complex challenges, a Holistic Health Centre and in a Christian counselling and support agencies assisting couples, families and adolescents to make the positive life and personal changes that they want and need. 

I specialise in:

  • Couple Counselling

  • Help with relationship difficulties

  • Supporting families through difficult challenges

  • Somatic therapy (processing of overwhelming and intense emotions to increase well-being and physical health)

  • help with moving past limiting or self-sabotaging habits or practises

  • Counselling to improve the impact of depression

  • Counselling for anxiety

  • Counselling for self-doubt and increasing confidence

  • Counselling for those caring for someone with mental health challenges

  • Disability support counselling

  • Working through grief and losses, and

  • Trauma recovery counselling

I also have a good understanding of issues such body dysmorphic disorder, ADHD, specific learning difficulties (dyslexia) and of Borderline Personality Disorder, and the role and experience of being a Carer.

I also have worked successfully to help many people reduce levels of alcohol, drug and other addictions.

I predominately use Solution Focused Therapy as a counsellor, but I am also experienced and trained in trauma recovery counselling, couple counselling and in narrative therapy. I also work from a body-mind medicine perspective which can help bring healing to those experiencing chronic physical or mental illness.

Whether you are a couple, adolescent, adult or employee, parent, whatever the issue, or the approach I use, I aim to respectfully, and in collaboration, support positive life changes, and where needed, healing and recovery that will help you move beyond the impact of the problem and/or painful experiences, towards the changes you would like to see happening in yourself, your life or in your relationship.

In doing so, you will begin the journey of moving past the effects of the problems and challenges that life inevitably can bring, towards improving your relationships, life, confidence levels and general wellbeing.

If you would like to deal more effectively with the issues or concerns you are currently facing, no matter how difficult they currently may seem, and you are ready to take a journey that will create the positive changes you would like to see in yourself or in your relationships, then please don’t continue to struggle on by yourself unnecessarily. 

If you have any questions or concerns, call, text or email Debbie to chat further.